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Only the best


We serve Clifton Coffee’s ‘EQ’ blend. It’s a fully washed coffee made up of Caturra & Castillo varietals grown at an altitude of around 1450masl by Finca El Recuerdo from the already legendary farmer, Elias Roa of Finca Tamana fame in the Primavera, Acevedo district of the Huila region to the South West of Bogota. Green grape, orange & almond flavours.



There’s an exciting modern beer scene emerging in Bristol. At any one time you can choose from 6 cask/keg ales, a plethora of local bottled beers & draft Bristol Beer Factory milk stout. Local beers we stock include: Arbor, Bristol Beer Factory, Left Handed Giant, Moor and Wiper & True. We change our offer weekly.


Our wine list features a range of flavours, textures and character. Take a look at our Wine List

We stock a wide variety of premium spirits, including an increasing number distilled locally including Psychopomp gin.